Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Old Town Spring

Yesterday, Emily, Lindsay and I went to Old Town Spring! What a fun place! We went in a ton of really cute shops and ate at a place called Wunsche Bros Cafe that had really yummy burgers.

After lunch, we went up to Magnolia (I think) to see Gienne and meet her sweet baby Reese!! I just love babies!! Then we all went on to the Mega Marshalls in the Woodlands and then CRU! What a fun day!!
Here's a sneak peak at the game room before and after. The game room is not finished by any means , but its painted for the most part (we just need to touch up the top of the fireplace).

Gamerom After (thus far..)
BTW, painting a fireplace is not fun..but its really not fun when you see all four sides, its two stories high and it was a darker color before!! I painted the downstairs part and Cody did the upstairs part of the fireplace!

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The Stevens Family said...

Hey! That Wunche Brothers restaurant is one of our favorites! Jeremy and I live literally 2 miles from there!!! So crazy you went there! If you are ever in Old Town Spring again, let me know! There is a yummy bakery that is hidden that you have to try!