Thursday, March 12, 2009

Home Again..

So, I'm sure that you're getting a little tired of hearing about our house, but I'm going to share anyways : )
One of my sweet students and her mom (a teacher at my school) brought me the most beautiful "faith" sign last week and I finally got to hang it!
Cody and I also started the fan hanging process the other day, which is a feat to say the least when your ceiling is vaulted and 20 ft high! We had to borrow an extension ladder, lean it against the beam and then I helped from another ladder.

I came home tonight from tutoring to see that my husband had finished hanging the fan! YAY!
I love how everything is coming together! : )
I am also loving that I am mere hours away from my spring break! YAY! I need a 9 day break from hearing the words "Mrs. Sage." Happy Friday to all!

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