Saturday, March 21, 2009

Camping Take 2

Last night, Cody and I went camping in Huntsville with Hannah, Alex, Mik and Dinah. We set up camp, made hobo-soup/stew, smores, hot chocoloate and the boys made a big fire!! It was a lot of fun! The weather was SO much better this time!! It got kind of cold last night, but nothing like when we went in January!
With HB by the Lake

With Dinah by the Lake
The boys playing with fire/building one

Chlo all tangled around a tree
The Sages happy b/c its not cold!

The whole group!
The girls with hot chocolate

And the newest decorative addition to the Sage house:
When Cody proposed, he made a video that had the acoustic version of On a Night Like This by Dave Barnes playing in the background. We both love this song and especially since it was included in the proposal, I wanted it in our wedding. As beautiful as the acoustic version was, the piano version (with some cello I think) had a better sound for the wedding. Unfortunately, I could not find sheet music anywhere for it, so I emailed Dave Barnes' wesbite. He emailed me back with the music! Yay!
I wanted to use the music somewhere in the house and couldn't figure out where. At the same time, I've spread out the decorations that used to be in our bedroom and had very little in I've used the On a Night Like This music in our bedroom. I'm still trying to decide how much I like the arrangement/combo of music and sconces...


katie + bret said...

What a great idea with the sheet music - That is completely lovely

Jackie said...

I like it!!

Ashley said...

Definitely not because I totally thought about you when I posted it! : )

Still up for a new header?