Thursday, March 19, 2009

And thats how they know we're related...

The Traylors got here late last night and we stayed up late talking before everyone went to their own corners of the Sage house for bedtime. We got up today, ate donuts and then Nanc, mom and I went shopping. The three of us have been shopping a lot together and its at times like that, that I realize how much alike we are. Two members of the shopping group, who shall remain nameless, started sorting a clothing rack by style rather than by size as it was previously sorted! haha. We all picked matching blue dresses, tried them on and took a picture! Sounds strange, but it was fun!

Then we picked up the rest of the fam and headed up to the Woodlands for Pappadeux.
After eating we went our separate ways! Mom and I headed back down here and then she headed back to Longview! What a fun visit!
I have since decided how I want to decorate our bedroom, started working on my niece's 1st birthday gift and spent an hour in Target. I just love that store!
Chloe's day:
1. She has needed 2 baths today, count them 2, because she has gotten so nasty from being outside...not loving the doggy door so much right now.
2. Our stairs leading up to the gameroom is a spiral staircase. When we first moved in, Chlo was afraid of them. Then she conquered going up and cried to get down. She then went up and down with ease. A few weeks ago when I was upstairs with her, Chloe jumped on the ledge that overlooks our living room and started walking across it. Not good, so I started putting a doggy gate at the top of the stairs. One day, Cody realized that Chloe was still able to get to the room from the side of the 2nd to top stair. No big deal, so I just moved the gate to the bottom of the stairs. Chloe then was able to get up from the second to bottom step. NBD, I moved the gate to the 3rd step and just knew that I had outsmarted her this time...

Oh but I hadn't. She was using the fireplace to get onto the tv stand right behind the tv. Once there, she was able to get on the stairs and go up to the gameroom. The gate is now on the fourth step...hopefully this time it will do its job!

I am loving Spring Break and am super sad that tomorrow is my last week day off!!!!!


Jackie said...

My understanding from those nameless members is that they were just trying to help out other shoppers and group all of the 'out of date' things together. That employee didn't seem to mind!! : )

Montag-YOU said...

yeah - glad you are a blogging gal too - I will add you! :)