Sunday, March 15, 2009

If I were a painter..

Yesterday while Cody was working I started touching up paint around the house and painting the trim upstairs (btw, if you're thinking about painting your house grey, thats fine, but please for the sake of the next owners, do not paint the trim grey also!!).
Today Cody and I went to our Newlywed Sunday school class (for one of the last times! We're about to graduate), big church and Freebirds with some of our fellow newlyweds!
After running a few errands and coming home, Cody and I started painting again. Today, Cody started painting the top part of the fireplace white and I've trimmed out and rolled the upstairs walls Koffee Brown (i'm kind of obsessed with that color right now). Our upstairs gameroom already looks so different and we still have a lot more to do! We're wanting to replace the blue, now paint stained carpet. We're also going to buy a couch (granted not a traditional one b/c it has to fit up the spiral staircase). I really like this one from Ikea, but am not sure if the brown one would make it too brown...i like the purple one too, but i don't think Cody would go for that. Maybe we can just add bright pillows!
I am a messy really messy. Right now my arms are covered in paint. Yesterday it was in my hair too. Nothing actually takes the brunt of painting quite as much as my jeans though. Aren't they terrible? : ) Its like the Sage house color swatch!

Oh and Chloe figured out how to use the doggy door

And now she looks like this

And might I add that my husband has been making dinner while I've been blogging! I'm a bad wife : )

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zoocat said...

Yay for Chlo! So glad she figured out the door. Too bad she did it on a muddy day. Love y'all!