Sunday, April 5, 2009

Erin's one!!!

Friday after work, Cody and I drove up to spend the night with my grandparents in Marlin!

We had a great visit and got to catch up with them!
On Saturday morning, we drove up to Waco for Erin's 1st birthday party!! Brad, Jen, mom, dad, Cody and I divided up into teams to get everything done before EG's party! Then we picked up Bush's Chicken for lunch! YUM!
Brad and Jen had EG's party at Cameron park and it was an absolutely perfect day (other than the wind!) She is such a happy baby and really seemed to enjoy her day!

Erin and her parents!

Playing in her new wagon/lego toy

EG with Uncle Cody and Aunt SB

Eating Cake

Loving her balloon

Playing with her friend Madison

Opening presents

After the party, we went to SPICE! I asbolutely love that place! Unfortunately I didn't find anything I couldn't live without : ) Afterwards, Cody and I drove through Baylor's campus then headed to College Station.
In College Station we headed out to Lake Bryan to meet Warren, Danee, Meredith and Bridget at the Hook for dinner!! We had a great time catching up! Chloe even got to come because we sat outside on the porch..I'm not too sure she liked it though.

We got home pretty late last night and were absolutely exhausted from our long day! We did however make it to our new Sunday School class today, Blueprints (we graduated from our Newlywed class last week), before it ever started! We weren't even late! : ) Onto Sunday afternoon chores!!


jen + ryan said...

she's adorable!

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