Sunday, April 19, 2009

Puppy Love

This week has been super busy!!! We have the obvious reason, little Ellie and her training. We're crate training her. She's been doing so great considering that we just got her on Tuesday night!!

The puppies eat at the same time...

Chloe used to be a very neat eater, but now she makes a huge mess when she eats and looks at Ellie like, I dare you to even try to eat my food!!

Ellie practicing to be a duck hunter

Our little fam

We also got to go to a wonderful dinner on Thursday night with Harvey (Cody's company) to celebrate Cody's last job being finished and Pappa's Steakhouse! Yum! Then on Friday night I got to stay up at the school until 9:30 with my team and 32 5-6 year olds!! We had a pajama party and it was so fun! We had a runway show, painted hair and faces, played games, had a scavenger hunt around the school, danced on the tables and ate ice cream sundays!!
Yesterday was kind of a lazy day and the rain made it a perfect day to stay in. We did get out to go see "I love you, man" with HB and Alex! Today they're riding the 2nd leg of the MS150 that didn't get cancelled!
Today we'll go to our new Sunday school class, church and then enjoy this beautiful day of sunshine!!

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