Sunday, April 26, 2009

I hope you dance...

This weekend I got to relive my dance years!! Friday night, I went with Meagan to Jersey Village's Spring Show!! It was so fun to watch the girls dance and hear her reminisce about drill team!!

On Saturday morning I continued the dance fun by going with Natalie down to Sugarland to watch two of our sweet girls from last year dance in a dance competition! Too cute!!

The rest of the day, Cody and I (mainly Cody) worked to clear out another flower bed in the backyard! We're getting closer to planting! We just need to figure out exactly what size we want the flower beds to be now!!
Last night, Cody and I met the Sagemans, Hannah and Alex at Russo's for pizza!! Russo's is by far our fave pizza place in Houston!! We really enjoyed getting to spend that time with the other two couples!
When we got home and let the girls (Chlo and Ellie) out, they found a frog and were completely enthralled with it!!

And then today was church and errands!! Back to the grind in the morning...this week includes TAKS too, which means 3 silent days for my five year olds!!

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