Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The best non-baby items for Baby

Parenthood makes you innovative.  You need the baby to stop crying and be happy, so when the pile of baby toys/products don't work, you turn to anything else you can find. : )

1. The Fan
Really any kind of fan, a ceiling fan, a portable stroller fan, it just has to rotate.  I even took a video of our fan for use when were are not around one.  Here you go.  You're welcome to use it.

2. Exercise Ball
As I stated in my last post, Sadie is a bouncer, not a rocker most of the time.  Bouncing is exhausting, unless of course you have an exercise ball.

3. Mirror
On one of the weekly updates from the Bump, it referred to a baby that week as an itty bitty narcissist.  So true! While I may grimace seeing my own reflection in the mirror, little girl LOVES to see herself. : )  (The iPhone turned around..like to take a "selfie" can also serve as a mirror when you misplace yours. )

Those are our big three for her right now developmentally.  If you have kiddos, what do you use to keep them entertained?

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