Wednesday, August 7, 2013

DIY Nursing Cover

Sometimes you have to nurse in "public."  Maybe not public, public, but not in your house and for those situations you need a nursing cover.  I have two different kinds.  I have the one from Udder Covers that looks like this and which you can obtain for free with the code PJbaby (you only pay shipping).  I used this one in the hospital, but am apparently not coordinated enough for the loop that adjusts it in the back. I still have it and hope to give it another try soon.

And then there's this kind from Covered Goods that we got when it came up on Groopdealz. 

It is currently my favorite, because it is basically a shirt without arms, much easier to figure out : ) I decided that it would be nice to have more than one, but didn't want to spend the $30 that it costs regular price, so I figured out how to make them.  It is so easy!

You will need
*1 yd of jersey knit (I like the way that it turned out with the heavier jersey knit)
*a sewing machine if you do not have fear of the bobbin and want to finish it in like 15 minutes (obviously I have bobbin issues..)

Fold your yard of jersey knit in half and then pin along the bottom, the open side and the slants that go up towards the neck (I got to cheat b/c I could use my own as a pattern).
 Cut off excess material (but do not cut the fold, that's like a freebie side).  Then sew the slanted sides up to the neck and the open side.  I did not hem the neck or the bottom of the cover (don't tell my mom, she would be appalled). 
Turn it inside out and you are finished! Easy, right? The first one took me about 3 hours, but that does account for feeding Sadie, play time, diaper changes and bouncing to it should take you about 25 minutes on the first one, more like 10-15 if you use a sewing machine. 

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