Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bow Holder

Little girl has lots of bows.  I had started them off in a box, but had to dump out the box each time I was getting her ready.  I had seen a lot of these bow holders on pinterest, so decide to make my own.  This was a cheap project!

You'll need:
*a Frame
*hot glue
*cup hooks

 I bought an unfinished frame from Hobby Lobby and painted it the same grey that 3 of her walls are.  If you have a frame already, you would save on a bulk of the cost.
Then I cut the ribbon to fit the opening of the frame and used a dot of hot glue at the top and bottom to pull the ribbon tight and glue it down.

 I had a letter "S" in my craft drawer, so I added it to the bow holder.  Then I screwed in the cup hooks on the bottom (some went in really easily and some were tough..this step tried my patience).  The good news is that once the cup hooks were in, I was finished.  I just added a picture hanger on the back, added the bows and hung it up.
 The bow holder is a perfect decoration for her closet and makes accessorizing so much easier!

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