Monday, August 26, 2013

Sadie's school

Sadie had her first day of school last Monday.  She did a wonderful job!  Tears were shed when we left, but not by her.  We had a few night time sleep adjustments.  She had previously been sleeping in an 8-10 hour stretch to begin with, but last week she had quite a few more wake ups during the night.  It got better as the week went on.  I'm hoping we can get back to normal nights soon!

In the beautiful dress my mom made for her first day (the adorable monkey has its own backpack to go to school too!)

This is one of her teachers

I adjusted as the week went on as well, but could not wait until the weekend to have time with my baby girl.  It was so weird to have someone else responsible for her.  I missed my Sadie!
Just as I was inundated with guilt about fulfilling my roles as mother and teacher and feeling inadequate in both arenas, a friend passed along this wonderful blog post.  I am focusing on the quality of time with my Sadiebug and not the quantity.

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