Friday, August 2, 2013

Instagram Update

Being home for 3 months with a precious subject has left me to taking tons of pictures.  Instagram has basically become my best friend so that I can share how cute Sadie is.  Here are her latest insta pics.  (If you wan an overload of Sadie pics too, you can follow me @sbsage).

Little girl was 12 weeks yesterday! Such happy mornings!
tummy time got a little lazy when she found the tv...
 Her reaction to seeing herself
 Walking with a fan because it is so stinking hot here
 Sweet teeny hands that are grabbing onto everything and trying to put everything in her mouth
 Holding her bottle on our walk (b/c her arms were enough supported by the carrier
 It took me long enough, but I finally bit the bullet and Sadie is now sleeping in her crib.  She is doing great!
 Crazy morning stretches

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