Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We live in Houston. Houston is a huge city with more restaurants than you could possibly hope to visit in a lifetime. I mean Houston restaurants kind of make you ADD. Its hard to focus on one even when you pick a type of food because there's still like 50+ options. We've decided to start trying new places. This week we have tried two (which btw were both on Diners, Drive ins and Dives)
1. My dad was in town on Tuesday for work, so we met up with him near the Galleria for dinner at Kenny and Ziggy's. Its a deli, but not like Jason's Deli, it's a Kosher Deli. Their menu was out of control...think like Cheesecake factory size menu. I honestly had to look up some of the menu items on my phone like farfel (which was like couscous) and kugel. The restaurant gave very large portions and yummy food. So that new restaurant was a success
2. After church today we decided to try out Niko Niko's. It is a Greek restaurant on Montrose. The business of the restaurant seemed like a good sign when we first arrived. Then we ran into one of my best friends who was picking up an order, another good sign. Also they had hummus on the menu, I could live off of hummus, pita chips and fruit. Cody got the Greek Combo, I got the Spinach Chicken Pita. We also got the hummus as an appetizer. AMAZING! It was all so good. We will without a doubt be going back!

Also this weekend, I organized our office closet which gives me without a doubt entirely too much satisfaction..I just love when everything has its place! : )

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