Friday, May 6, 2011

Heels and Hills

This past weekend, Lauren and I ran the heels and hills half marathon. What a day weather wise! When we got there they were still deciding whether or not to let the event happen due the the forecasted storm. They finally decided it was a go so we geared up for the race. After running about 2 miles, it started diagonal hard rain. We ran through it for a few miles before it finally stopped. We were thankful for the cooler weather but not too excited about running soaked...especially the wet shoes. Right as we finished they were getting everyone to take shelter b/c of the lightning that was starting. It was a beautiful race course! Who could have predicted that weather! Not my PR, but I did okay considering the weather and the lack of sleep I had over the course of the weekend!

Soaked afterwards

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katie + bret said...

I need to hear more about this race - in my head I was picturing you running in high heels!

Sorry for the rain but at least you didn't have to stop for any water breaks!!

Although not your PR, you still kicked some bum girly!!