Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Picture Catch-up

Grad school + teaching school + life in general is wearing me out! I have been neglecting you, but here's a quick & random catch up:

Chloe turned six (and I made these pumpkin/peanut butter dog treats...yes I am that crazy dog person)

I get to park my car in the garage

Rodeo Season started and we went to cook off Friday night with Cody and Lauren

Cody smoked some ribs and a chicken the other night for dinner and they were AMAZING

We had a cupcake contest at school. We made sheep and they were awesome. I think we should have won

I have the best big coffee cup for a latte

Cody replaced the shower door (and now its awesome)

We got a new rug for the living room

I told you it was random, but don't you feel like you know so much more about me now.
BTW Its pizza night at the Sage house! Be jealous!

1 comment:

katie + bret said...

every time i see pictures of your house i am amazed at how much stuff we have the same! couches.. rug... paint.. dogs running around.. ;)

Cute cupcakes! What beat that?!