Monday, February 6, 2012

Heart Crayons

In my classroom when crayons end up on the floor, they are placed in the "Land of the Lost Crayons." The "Land of the lost" is a tub where students can borrow crayons from if they are missing a color that they need. Somehow this tub has started overflowing recently (how are they losing so many crayons!?). I combined this observation with the fact that I needed a cute Valentine's gift for my kiddos and made these heart crayons (that I had seen all over Pinterest).
*The pan that I am using is a silicone heart pan from Walmart. It was only $3.50! Be sure to use a silicone pan as I am sure that any other kind would be a pain to get the crayons out of.

Begin by soaking the crayons in hot water to get the wrappers off. (And do not use a bowl that you love...I had to soak mine in soap and then scrub that bowl last night to get it clean)

Some wrappers will float off, others will need to be pulled off. It works best when the water is hot, so you may have to dump and reheat the water multiple times if you are working with a large number of crayons. I found that the orange crayons were the most modest. While their blue, red, pink and yellow friends just stripped their outer layer with no qualms, the orange crayons held tight to their clothing. I almost thought about leaving out orange entirely, I mean "whoever said that orange is the new pink is seriously disturbed" (name that movie and we can be best friends!), but I did the work and removed them too.

Afterwards, I broke the crayons into smaller pieces (if you have children, I am sure that they would love to do this!) and placed them into the heart molds.

Place into a preheated oven (on a cookie sheet) at 250 degrees and wait for them to melt (it took mine about 15 minutes)

Allow to cool completely and then pop out of silicone molds.

I will probably either place them on a piece of card stock that I have printed a Valentine's message on or place them in baggies for safe keeping.

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