Monday, October 17, 2011

Let it Shine

My decorative efforts as of late have been focused on our office. I have repurposed an old window, made a bookend and places for my grad school stuff. Once all that was done, we decided that the office needed a lamp. I love challenges, so my husband told me that I could spend $10 on the lamp. At first I was excited, but then school AND grad school started. The idea of going to garage sales was just not going to happen. So on my $10 challenge, I spent $17. Close though, right?
I found this lamp at Ikea

and then a lampshade at Target.
My mom had some leftover fabric that she graciously lent and I also used some sage green ribbon that I have used in DIY projects all over our house.
I took the lampshade and rolled it to trace is on the fabric (I left a little extra at top and bottom to fold around. After cutting it out, I used No-Sew Fabric glue to attach it to the lampshade. Once that had dried, I attached the ribbon using the fabric glue. Easy!

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Sarah & Casey said...

Love the lamp! Super cute!