Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I attended Baylor University. I am a Baylor Bear (Sic 'em). My husband attended Texas A&M University. He is an Aggie (Gig 'em). I now also attend Texas A&M University, which apparently makes me part Aggie as well. We have attended most of the BU v. TAMU games for the 8+ years of our relationship. These games may be trying times, but in general, we enjoy the rivalry. Unfortunately for this rivalry, A&M is moving to the SEC from the Big XII. From what I understand, this year's BU v. TAMU game was the end of a 108 year rivalry. Sad day! Upon hearing that this could be the end of the Battle of the Brazos, I desperately began looking for tickets to find that they were sold out from the schools and crazy expensive on other sites. We happened to have a sweet friend who had tickets that we got to use and even more luckily, they were in the Zone club (think club level of MLB). I was glad to get to go to the game (although I am hoping that Baylor's O-line will practice what protecting the quarterback looks like before next week's game...). We did not win, which was tough sitting in a sea of maroon, but it was fun to be at the game!

I guess its on to cheering on both the Baylor Bears and the Aggies sans any conflicting days...that may just make it easier!

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Gina said...

we were there too! you had better seats - jealous!