Saturday, October 29, 2011

A day of rest

I have been doing some form of grad school work everyday for as long as I can remember (this semester..). Today, I finally had an absolute break! I needed it!
The day started off with a short 3.5 mile run in my favorite cold weather gear:

Followed by the Grogan's Mill Farmer Market with Carolina to see Emily, who was selling her yummy Hungry Bars!! She is owns a fabulous business called Bluebird Bakery. You can order Hungry bars and other all-natural baked goods from her online! (I got peanut butter and chocolate chip, which are obviously two of my favorite things!)

Carolina and I then hit up the big Marshall's in the Woodlands for some few good running clothes @ amazing prices. We happened upon some ridiculous running pants. Be thankful that they were $35 or you might see us wearing them in lots of 1/2 marathon pictures! : )

Afterwards, Brad and I headed into town for a lunch at Brown Bag Deli. SO good! They make their own bread and their fruit cups are legit fruit and not fruit cocktail!
We did a little shopping and then picked up dinner from Niko Niko's!
What a perfect day! Hope your Saturday was relaxing as well!

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