Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rainbow Lodge

Cody and I went to Rainbow Lodge back at the beginning of January with our friends, Danielle and J.K.  I just remembered that I had pictures to share from the dinner and even moreso than that, I thought that y'all might need to hear about this place!

Rainbow Lodge is located in Houston off of North 610 and Ella.  What drew us there was the unique menu which boasts some wild game.  I enjoyed a delicious Salmon dinner and Cody had a mixed platter with a variety of food he would not have been able to get anywhere else.  We thoroughly enjoyed the food. 
The atmosphere of the restaurant was also very nice.  It was a cross between a high end steak restaurant and a lodge.  Try it out if you're in the area! I made reservations online for our Wednesday night dinner, which was probably overkill, but if we were going back on a Thursday-Sunday, I would probably make reservations.

Better than the restaurant even was getting to spend time with friends!

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Chrissy said...

I went to a wedding reception at the Rainbow Lodge! They had rented out the entire restaurant. It was super cool!