Thursday, February 28, 2013

29 weeks

and I should really be working on grad school right now, but it is getting so much harder to focus on that.   And I apologize for only having baby posts.  I swear I am doing more than just day dreaming about her arrival and getting things ready, but unfortunately most of the other things that I am doing involve graduate school in one manner or another and I am sure that would be of no interest to you : )
How far along:  29 weeks
How big is baby: Acorn Squash
Maternity clothes:  A mixture..almost always for pants though
Sleep:  I've slept better this week.  Haven't accomplished near as much as I need to least I'm getting rest : )
Food cravings: Chocolate, sweets in general
Food aversions:  None really
Symptoms: Back pain and heartburn
Movement: Sadie is moving a lot, like constantly and she is starting to wake with noises (like my alarm to get up in the mornings and when the students are too loud)
Gender:  Girl
What I’m looking forward to:  Her first shower Saturday, seeing her little self again on Monday
What I miss:  nothing
Best part of the week: Taking more steps to get ready for her arrival.  So excited!

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