Thursday, February 7, 2013

26 weeks

How far along:  26 weeks
How big is baby: A head of lettuce
Maternity clothes:  Yes..mixed in with some of my normal clothes.  Mostly maternity pants/skirts (I am very rarely wearing my belly band anymore).  Some of my normal tops and sweaters are still working.
Sleep:  Still very hit or miss.  I either am out cold or I wake up every few hours.
Food cravings:  gum
Food aversions:  none this week
Symptoms:  I have never been good at sitting very long, but its gotten even worse due to a little back pain (and b/c its getting harder to pull my legs up under me when I sit bc I don't like my legs to dangle...short girl problems) Still some heartburn, thank goodness for tums!  Girly has also found my ribs.
Movement: She is getting a little crazy in there.  I can sit and watch my stomach when I am still and see her move! It is crazy!  She is moving more often where I can see/feel, sometimes its a foot or hand, but I'm pretty sure the other night her hiney was what was moving. 
Gender:  Girl
What I’m looking forward to:  Painting! Preparing everything for her arrival.  Finishing grad school, so she can be my focus : )
What I miss:  laying on my stomach to do grad school work
Best part of the week: Hearing her heartbeat, seeing her little face and hearing the doctors say how healthy she looks!

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