Thursday, February 21, 2013

28 weeks

Hello 3rd trimester! We are only 12 weeks away from Baby Girls due date!!  I cannot believe it!  In the past week, we have painted (with low VOC paint), found a day care and met with Maternity leave.  We are getting ready for her!
How far along:  28 weeks
How big is baby: Eggplant
Maternity clothes:  A mixture..almost always for pants though (except the ones I'm wearing in the picture, thank you belly band).  Its funny how differently the maternity clothes fit now from when I first bought them!
Sleep:  I'm exhausted.  School + grad school + growing a human leaves me beat every night.  I guess I'm sleeping fairly well though...just not a ton of time to sleep
Food cravings: Chocolate consumption is getting out of control...  and Chick-fil-a!  Pregnant girl found out last night that the only fast food restaurant that has both caffeine free diet coke and diet lemonade (the CFA closest to me) will be closed for a month! A whole month for renovation...sad day!
Food aversions:  None really
Symptoms: Back pain.  I'm not sure the arch of my back is good for my spine..but as long as baby girl is growing like she's supposed to, I can put a pillow behind my back and lay down when I need to.  Heartburn is still my companion too. 
Movement: Watching my belly move and loving knowing she is doing well.  I think she's found my ribs..
Gender:  Girl
What I’m looking forward to:  Hearing her heartbeat next week!  Putting the crib together.  Getting aa few crafts/furniture DIYs  going for her room. 
What I miss:  nothing
Best part of the week: Still loving the movement...also loving that her room is painted..the nursery is taking shape!


beth said...

Loving the purple pants- I commend us on a great purchase :) Excited to see you in a month and 2 days!

The Sages said...

Great purple pants! Cannot wait to see your face!

Sarah & Casey said...

Are you sending her to one of the ELCs?

The Sages said...

I'm not, I've heard that those are so booked out and there's not one too close by to us.