Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day & 27 weeks

I just came from the land of paper Valentine's and chocolate hearts aka second grade.  I wish I had as much excitement about things as they did.  They love today : )  
Cody and I are celebrating tonight with homemade pizza (our absolute favorite!).  I came home today though to see that my dough had not risen and was hard....who knows what I had too much or too little of, but thank goodness that I had enough time to remake it really quick.
(bad dough on left...yummy dough on right)
Today is also 27 weeks
I wore the same dress at 17 weeks...Baby girl is growing!
How far along:  27 weeks
How big is baby: A rutabaga (which is A large, round, yellow-fleshed root that is eaten as a vegetable)
Maternity clothes:  A mixture..almost always for pants though.  I did bust out the belly band to wear my rodeo jeans last week.
Sleep:  I'm staying up later and not able to stay in bed as long in the mornings, but seem to be sleeping better throughout the night.  I feel like by the time I get home each day I am absolutely exhausted.  It could have something to do with trying to finish out grad school and get in my internship hours before graduation and before Baby girl is born...
Food cravings: Caffeine free Diet Coke and Diet IBC Root Beer (no caffeine in it), chocolate (its still giving me heartburn though..)

Food aversions:  I haven't been super hungry.  I guess she had a growth spurt a few weeks back because I was a bottomless pit, but I'm back to eating normal now.
Symptoms: Mainly heartburn...its gotten out of control this week.  Thank goodness for tums!  and I am so tired!
Movement: I am still enjoying feeling her move and watching my stomach move around on its own.  By far the weirdest/coolest thing so far.  I crave seeing/feeling her move to know she is doing well!  She also seems to jump at louder noises.
Gender:  Girl
What I’m looking forward to:  Seeing her face in a few months! Painting! Colors are narrowed and room is almost cleared!

What I miss:  nothing
Best part of the week: Seeing her move just watching my belly : )

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