Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rock N Roll San Antonio

This weekend, we ran our first half marathon of running season in San Antonio. After having such a great experience at the Rock n Roll New Orleans, we decided to try another of their races. Our journey there began very similarly to our trip to NOLA. Part of the Katy Fwy was entirely shut down which caused I-10 to basically be a parking lot. Luckily we only sat there for an hour, which makes this by far a better experience than the drive to New Orleans. Once in SA, we went to the expo to pick up our packets and shop.

For dinner that night Cody and I headed to Whole Foods before heading back to Nick and Sarah's house for a relaxing evening.
On race day we woke up super early to get downtown. Lauren and I never managed to find Carolina, so we ran on our own (sad day!)

We started out our run at such a good pace until about mile 10. Y'all it was humid and borderline hot! My stomach started hurting, so I told Lauren to go ahead. I felt absolutely awful and in hindsight I am pretty sure that I was dehydrated. When my blood sugar is high, I dehydrate easily. I had taken off my pump before leaving the house that morning and had eaten breakfast afterwards. On top of that it was hot, which means that I would have needed more water than I would on a cold day and I was using Gu chomps (which I love), but that have caffeine in them which also further dehydrating you. That being said, this was not my best race and I did not meet my time goal. I did not do as bad as I thought that I would and I still ran 13.1 miles. Everyone has a bad running day and mine just happened to be on race day. Boo! After the race, I was able to down a water bottle and put my pump back on which made me immediately feel better and once I got even more water later on, I started feeling all the way better.
We decided for the race today to wear the same things in different colors (note the shirt and headbands)
Afterwards, we headed to the Alamo Cafe for a hearty lunch before heading back to Houston!

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