Wednesday, February 16, 2011


For my 4th half marathon, we were looking into different races to do and found the Rock N Roll New Orleans. We ended up planning a girls trip and the four of us all ran the half.
Saturday we headed out to New Orleans early in the morning. Unfortunately on I-10, an 18-wheeler had caught on fire causing us a 2 hour delay of sitting still in the car barely even outside of Houston.

This delay and a few other short ones got us to New Orleans at 4:50...10 minutes before the expo (where we picked up our packets) closed. Thank goodness we made it!

After hitting more traffic on the way to our hotel, we ran and got pizza from Vieux Carre Pizza and passed out from our long day.

Saturday started EARLY. We left our hotel by 5:45 to walk to the start line.

Our 3rd half together!

We had a blast running, enjoying the music, the signs and talking. This was my best time yet, I finished in 1:52:54! Woohoo!

After the race, we headed back and got ready for the day. We had lunch at Royal House.

Spent the afternoon walking around New Orleans and shopping,

and the evening at the Court of Two Sisters for an amazing dinner.

Monday we woke up and enjoyed some yummy beignets from Cafe Du Monde before heading back to Houston.

I arrived home to find two happy puppies, a dozen roses and my handsome husband : )
What a perfect weekend!

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