Sunday, February 6, 2011


Like anyone else, I like to find a good deal. For that reason, there are a few websites that I watch:

1. The Look for Less
This is a blog, but she gives outfit ideas that are not too costly.

2. Ruelala
Ruelala has different boutiques each day with items that are greatly discounted from what they normally retail. The boutiques are only up for 2 days and there are limited quantities, so if you find something, you need to get it when you see it. My favorite boutiques so far have been the Vera Bradley and Saucony.
I recently bought a pair of $95 Saucony running shoes for $45!
One thing to know is that shipping is $9.95 regardless of what you purchase, so for smaller items this may seem kind of steep. They will however allow you to add anything to your order the day that you order until 10pm with no additional shipping charges.

3. Groupon
You've probably already heard about this, but groupon sends out a daily email with coupon for something in your city. Some days they are great and some days I just delete the email. My favorites have been $25 for $50 at GAP and $30 for 30 fitness classes.

4. Living Social
Its basically the same thing as groupon. They occasionally literally offer the same deals a few days apart. I have used this one to go to a cooking class and $10 for $20 at

What are you favorite saving tips?

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