Saturday, February 5, 2011

No Snow, Snow Day

We were excited to get the day off on Friday and had high hopes for snow. Snow covered a good majority of Texas, especially in the places most of our families and friends live....we however only got ice. I hope my kiddos weren't too disappointed. Thanks to yesterday, I do now have a very clean house and it feels like two Saturdays to boot! Woohoo!
Last night we went to the Randy Rogers concert! It was fun to get out of the house : )

I also thought I'd share my go to Saturday outfit. Now let's remember that Saturday is the casual day. For me it is not about looking good, but rather being comfortable.

The leggings and boots are the ones I have. I usually wear a big long-sleeve t-shirt (when you wear leggings, your hiney has to be covered!) and my jacket is this North Face that I absolutely love!
What is your Saturday go to outfit?
Enjoy this beautiful Saturday! What a gift from God this beautiful weather is!

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