Friday, February 11, 2011


I have been on a craft kick lately. One of my friends put up a link to the tutorials part of the Jones Design Company Website. I am in love!! SO many fun, inexpensive crafts with step by step picture instructions. I started out making these wreaths. I had a lot of burlap left over from the S-A-G-E pillows upstairs and some green ribbon left over from something, so I just bought the wreath forms and a little felt for the flowers (I used the tutorial for the flower pin, but just did not attach a pin to the back. At first I wasn't even sure where to put them, but then I remembered the stepchild of a room called our office. I feel so bad for it, it kind of gets this brunt of our stuff. Its the catch all, so I thought that a few wreaths could make it seem a little bit cheerier. These wreaths did not take long AT ALL to make!

More crafts to come! : )

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Lynn Cooper said...

Yay! I love it! And i love it inside. I made mine as well, I just haven't put up pictures yet. I'll do that soon. Have fun!