Sunday, November 27, 2011


This year Thanksgiving was quite a bit different than our norm. Instead of heading to Longview for a long weekend, we celebrated Cody's 27th birthday on Wednesday here in Houston and then headed out Thursday morning for Marlin. We spent time eating a lot of food and visiting with my family before heading out to the deer lease. This was my first time to sit in the stand and I was super quiet, just ask Cody! : )

We headed back into Marlin (our lease is only like 20 minutes away from my Mamaw's house) that night for the TAMU v. UT game before calling it a night in our pop up camper. Friday morning early I headed into Marlin to meet up with my Mamaw and mom before heading to Waco for some black friday shopping (we got some great deals!), breakfast at Chick-fil-a and a quick stop by Baylor's beautiful campus! Even in November all of the flowers look beautiful! I miss walking across that campus each day!
Pat Neff Hall (The Judge Baylor statue is behind me)

The building that I had most of my education classes in is to the right of Pat Neff...its called Draper Academic Building. Just FYI : )

Afterwards, Cody and I spent the rest of that day at the lease. Saturday morning we hit up the Kosse Cafe for breakfast before heading back to Houston.

I've been able to get up the Christmas decorations, watch the Baylor Bears beat Tech (sic 'em!), work on a few Christmas gifts, go to church, run a few errands together and we've worked on a few projects around the house. It has been perfect! We ended our break with pizza night (YUM), which also means leftovers. : )
I am so thankful for the time we've had at home, the time that Cody has had off and the time that we have had together. How refreshing! I am also thankful for the week that I had away from school and the time that I was given to rest and get my attitude and brain ready for 3 weeks and 2 days of school until Christmas break. I am thankful for the time that I was given to work on grad school and the upcoming deadlines that will signify the end of my first semester. I am thankful for the time with friends and family! I am thankful for this beautiful fall weather and how easy running is in it! I am thankful!

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Ashley said...

Oh the deer lease...I've learned that taking a book is key to being very quiet! Except last time, Wentzel told me that I was turning the pages too loudly :)