Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Crafternoon

I have a week off from school. A whole week!!!! So excited!
Thus far, I have been working on my final projects for grad school, cleaning and crafting.
My husband is a hunter and last year one of the deer that he got he was not mounting, so I asked him to save the antlers. I had not yet figured out what to do with them, but decided to take apart a flower arrangement that I did not love and spread them across the antlers.

I also used some of the flowers to add a little umph to my fall wreath.

We had a crafternoon today and worked on wreaths for Christmas!
Our fuel
Hot Chocolate Bar

Working hard

Finished products

A lot of us made the ornament wreaths that seem to be very popular on pinterest.
You need
-80ish ornaments
-a wire hanger
-hot glue

1. Form the hanger into a circle and then unwind the top part
2. Hot glue the top of the ornament to the ornament to make sure that it does not pop off.
3. Place the ornaments on the hanger one by one arranging them as you go. You might want to use some smaller ornaments in with the bigger ones so that they can fill in the holes.
4. Wrap the top of the hanger back together once all of the ornaments are on and then hot glue to secure.
SO easy!

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