Monday, November 28, 2011

Maxi Skirt

I saw a tutorial over at Elle Apparel back in September on how to make a maxi skirt. I immediately decided that I wanted to make one, but began seriously questioning my sewing abilities. Y'all, I cannot thread that stinking bobbin. So if it either runs out or comes out of where it needs to be, I am done with my sewing until someone comes to my rescue. Luckily, my mom is a knowledgeable and talented seamstress, so I waited until I had an opportunity to work with her on the skirt. I went to Hobby Lobby this past week with my lucky 40 percent off coupon on my phone. I scanned the jersey knit selection and decided on grey. Using my coupon, my 2 yds fabric was only $5.99! Now that's a cheap skirt : )
During the TAMU v UT game, my mom, Mamaw and I worked on my skirt. We measured, cut, pinned, sewed and sewed some more, but I love the final product!
I would give you step by step directions on this one, but y'all would not end up with a skirt that looked right, so I'm just leaving you the link!
Here's what mine looks like!

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