Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pinwheel bows

One crafting blog that I love following is Eighteen25. I used their tutorial on Pinwheel bows to create some hair decor for Erin.
This is such an easy one!
*Start with several different colors of felt sheets
*Cut them into 3x3" squares

*Pair up the squares with another color (2-3x3" squares)
*Cut 1.5" squares from the corners going towards the center

*Get out your glue gun and put a dot in the middle, folding every other corner in (adding a little glue each time)

*Once the four corners are in, add another dot of glue and place the button on top. (Some of mine stayed down better than others..on a couple, actually adding the button made the bow stay together better)

*Hot glue your clip to the back

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