Thursday, April 14, 2011

Crafts that destroy books: Book Wreath

While I was ripping up books, I figured that I should just continue by making this wreath from Jones Design Company tutorials. I am so glad that I did because I LOVE the finished project!
There are not any step by step pictures because I was so unsure of whether or not it was turning out correctly. (Check out the Jones Design Company tutorial though as she used a lot of pictures). I will tell you that it was time consuming, but it was not a craft you really had to concentrate on (ie: work on it while you watch a movie)
-A book with thin pages
-hot glue & hot glue gun
-wreath form (I think mine was 12")

1. Tear out book pages
2. Bend the pages (I did this in several different ways, but settled on rolling half of it and then bending back the other half).
3. Glue together the layers of the page
5. Attach the page to the back layer to the wreath form
6. Keep going all the way around the wreath until a base layer is formed
7. Flip it over
8. Begin bending the pages in half and attaching them to the front of the wreath
9. Fold up and attach the inside of the bottom layer
10. Continue to bend and attach layers until you have desired fullness (I think that I had one extra layer from the tutorial).
11. Go back and fill in the holes
12. Attach a ribbon with pins and hang it

We have a small wall above our living room that is open above (to the loft) and below (to the living room) that needed something to add a little decor and this seemed perfect

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Lynn Cooper said...

Ahhh I love it! That is one of the projects I've been wanting to do. Also, she has a cute springy linen ruffle wreath. I just love that blog!