Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Healthy Strawberry Pie

My sweet MIL started making this pie a long time ago and we love it! Its a healthy but yummy dessert alternative.
*Graham Cracker Pie Crust
*SF Strawberry Jello (I used two small boxes..I'm sure one large box would work as well)
*Fresh Strawberries
*Cool whip
*Low Fat/fat free cream cheese (at room temperature)

1.Mix Jello as directed on the back of the box (you may want to slightly reduce the amount of water used)
2. Place Jello in fridge to set. Meanwhile, slice strawberries.
3. As soon as the jello begins to change thickness at all, mix in strawberries.
4. Place back in fridge until mixture begins to look thicker.
5. When mixture is slightly thick, pour into crust. Then place back in fridge to set.

6. Mix together cream cheese and cool whip until desired taste is achieved (in all honesty, I added some powdered sugar to mine too and it made the pie WAY too sweet so don't do that..)
7. Spread over set pie and place back in fridge to set

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