Saturday, April 9, 2011

Crafts that destroy books: Book Letters

As a kindergarten teacher, I spend the first couple of weeks of each new school year teaching children how to take care of books, how to love books. This being said, my students would be shocked and gravely disappointed to know how this craft came about (but I guess the same can be said about this book canvas craft I made for Alex). Maybe they don't read my blog...
One of my friends found this book letter craft from Little Things Bring Smiles.

Materials needed: White letter (mine are from Michael's), book, hot glue gun, hot glue, scissors
*Tear out the pages of an old book
*Cut the strips to match the width of the letters (with curvy letters, I cut as I went)
*Roll the paper strips
*Put a dot of hot glue at the end of the paper to make it stay (look @ the little things bring smiles blog as she has step by step pictures if this is confusing)
*Hot glue your paper roll onto the letter (If you have a straight line letter as opposed to a curvy one, I would place the rolls on horizontally)
*Continue until the entire face of the letter is covered
I made our monogram. When I got ready to attach it to the wall, I discovered that the color of the paper matched too closely to the beige of our bedroom. I ended up getting a small canvas and attaching some dark brown material that I already had before gluing on the letters. I also used her flower tutorial to add a little color.

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