Monday, July 6, 2009

And the rocket's red glare

What a wonderful July 4th weekend!! I just LOVE when Cody gets an extra day off!
Thursday night we bought a pop up camper : ) (Cody's going to work on fixing it up a bit and then I'll add pics.) So now we'll have actual "beds" to sleep in and an air conditioner/heater. Which if you remember our freezing San Antonio experience, Chloe will be very excited about the heater!
Friday morning we went to Longview to spend the weekend with our families. My parents had driven to meet Brad and Jen Thursday evening so Erin got to spend the weekend in Longview as well!!
We had dinner with both fams on Friday and then Friday night we went to see the Longview fireworks.
The fireworks are better than this pic lets on..just couldn't figure out how to get a picture of them

My parents were there too, but I somehow missed getting pic of them! Sorry 'rents!
Saturday we went swimming, played with the baby and spent the evening at Nanny and Papa Sage's house. Ellie also enjoyed a fun-filled weekend of swimming!! She's passed out today : )
Sunday on our way back home, we passed the Traylor fam on 59, so we stopped and saw them for just a few minutes!!
A few more pics from the weekend:
Is it bad that my puppies automatically sit when they see a you think I take too many pics of them? Ellie was supposed to be getting out of the way for the picture : )

Erin and Ellie became friends very besties!

Okay I couldn't resist playing dress-up! Isn't she a doll!?

Erin found the pups!
On two completely different notes:
My water bottle that I have carried with me everywhere since receiving it at Christmas has fallen apart : ( I need to get a new one!

On another note, if you have a puppy that loves treats, we have found the perfect thing! Pupcorn! Its low-fat, low-calorie, lasts forever and only costs $2.50 at walmart! Chloe got really sick a few years ago and can't have anything high fat anymore, so we switched her to Pupcorn and now Ellie loves it too!
This is my first full week of summer!! So stinkin' excited! : )


Mike and Cymbre said...

That's awesome that you met up with the Traylors on 59! Hope you enjoy your first full week of summer!

Sarah, Casey, & Riley said...

Your niece is so precious SB! Oh and I discovered Pup Corn a few years ago but have since forgotten about it- will have to get some for my dogs today!