Sunday, January 25, 2009

Camping in the Cold

Oh here's the weekend update:
On Friday Cody and I went to Pappacitos for dinner and had am AMAZING dinner!! I can't remember the last time that I felt that full. It was wonderful!!
On Saturday morning we packed up and drove to San Antonio to see some of our Aggie friends, Nick and Sarah. Although the weather was cold, we decided to go ahead with our prior plans to go camping. Let me just go ahead and tell you that there is currently a burn ban in the San Antonio area due to the lack of rain, meaning no camp fires. We drove up to Guadalupe River St. Park armed with our propane powered grill and propane powered heater. We had so much fun walking around the river, playing and talking. We cooked hot dogs on the little propane grill and had smores (yum!) And then it got really really cold!! We don't know for sure the exact temperature, but we do know that it was at least down to 30 degrees last night as we slept in our tents. All four of us were pretty cold. Sarah and Nick's dog, Butterbean, did fairly well too because she weighs 40 pounds and has an amazingly thick coat. Chloe Sage on the other hand did not fare so well. All 8 pounds of her fluffly white self was shivering most of the night. We had her in her sweatshirt and wrapped up in blanket, next to the heater most of the night, but the poor pup was shivering on and off all night!! We for sure needed a camp fire!! Chloe is okay now though, we've warmed her up and spoiled her with attention because we felt so bad about her being so cold!

Nick, Sarah and Butterbean

Cody, Chloe and I

The guys playing with the rocks

The girls and puppies waiting patiently

Freezing Chloe

It looked like I was holding a baby

Sunday morning after surviving 30 degrees without a fire!

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beth said...

How fun...minus the freezing weather :)