Sunday, January 18, 2009

Furniture shopping

This weekend has been surprisingly busy for us! Saturday morning we headed over to the Perot's for a COR group (our small group from our Sunday School class) brunch. YUM! It was wonderful to have a little un-interupted time to get know some of the members of our COR group. We went back home for a little while and I got finish Marley & Me (such a sweet book but with such a sad ending!) and my own sweet puppy, Chloe, decided to cuddle up and help me read.
Cody and I then spent the rest of the day running errands. We did a little home shopping even though we still have 28 days until we can move into the house! We hit the jackpot at World Market (we just love that place)! We found
a kitchen island cart to match our white cabinets (its in our extra room right now waiting for the house)

New end tables to match our coffee table (we put all of Chloe's toys up in her bucket, so she got in the end table trying to get to the toys)

a console table to match our end tables and coffee table

We went to church today, lunch with friends and then to Ikea. Oh my gosh, Ikea has SO much stuff!! What a fun store!! We might have to make a few purchases from there later on!
Happy MLKJ holiday to all tomorrow!! I love having Mondays off from school!

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