Sunday, July 26, 2009

We are family

This weekend all of the ladies in my family (minus Kara, Ashton and Ab...we missed y'all!) met in Fredericksburg for a girls weekend!! We stayed at this cute B&B called the Chuckwagon Inn.
The whole gang minus Erin..she was already asleep

The SistersThe under 30s (my cousin, sis-in-law and cousin-in-law!)

We had a lot of good quality time together! Friday we sat on the front porch of the cabin that Jen and I were staying in and everyone caught up.
Saturday we ate a wonderful homemade breakfast then ventured to Wildseed farms.

We then followed a suggestion made by Texas Monthly and ventured to Alamo Springs Cafe out in the middle of nowhere for the 3rd best burger in Texas! Sooo good!

Afterwards we went and explored downtown Fredericksburg Linkand did a little shopping before returning to the B&B for a rowdy, very fun game of Apples to Apples! It was intense!! I think Bev ended up winning!
Then this morning we ate another amazing home cooked breakfast and headed off in our own directions!! I can't wait to see where we go next year!!
Jen and Erin were my roomies in the Bollinger cabin : )

Cousin Mindy and I : )

On a random note:
Natalie and I went to a staff development all day Thursday. As we were getting ready to leave we were unpleasantly surprised to find sheets of rain pouring down outside of the Berry Center! We braved it and ran through the huge puddles of water to make it to my car and were dying laughing by the time we got there : )

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Valerie Lea said...

I'm so glad ya'll had such a good time! Mary looked so good and happy in the pictures! Jackie and JoEllen look like twins!