Monday, July 20, 2009

Lake Travis

This weekend Cody and I went to Lake Travis, stayed with my fam and got to see both families!
The view from our condo.

We stayed at this place called The Hollows and we loved it! The water was so low though!
Cody and I went on a bike ride around the Lake on Saturday morning. It was beautiful, but showed me how out of shape I am : )
We also went swimming! There was a hot tub called the Grotto, but the rules said that diabetics were not allowed..sad day!! I got in anyway : )
Later The Sages came up from Austin and we went kayaking! No pictures from that though, who knows what would have happened to my camera in the water!
Then we all got ready and headed to the Oasis to celebrate Brad's 27th birthday!! Woohoo!

Sunday we drove into Austin and got to see the Capitol! So fun!! We love getting to spend time with our families!!

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