Monday, July 13, 2009

Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city

LinkLast Tuesday, I had a downtown day with Hannah, Meagan and Dinah!! We went to eat at Empire Cafe for lunch before venturing into actual downtown : )

Then we went to discovery green, which is a park in downtown (it was clearly a rainy day..woohoo!)

We then tried to figure out how to get down into the tunnels, which is harder than it sounds! We went into one building that we thought would take us there and tried the elevator to go down a level which didn't go down. Everyone got off the elevator but our sweet Dinah, she ended up having to ride up a few levels and switch elevators! Gotta love it : )

We finally had to ask for help getting to the tunnels and this nice man showed us the way!
After a little while of wandering the tunnels, we ventured back to the streets to look for a dessert place! We went to Sambuca and had very yummy sweets!
Such a fun day!!

My parents came into town on Thursday and we enjoyed our time together visiting, shopping and eating! Thursday night we went to Hickory Hollow for giant chicken fried steak (which of course i did not eat..both other people did). On our way in I took a picture of the sausage sign because it has the word Sage at the end : )

We explored Houston shopping a little more on Friday and then went to Melting Pot in the Woodlands for dinner!! It was so good and there was SO much food!

The rest of this weekend, Cody and I worked in the yard some more and he worked on the pop-up which I think I am going to begin referring to as The Cobra (I think thats the brand..its written on the side).
This week I have the Houston project at night, fun things to do during the day, and then Cody and I are meeting our fams at Lake Travis for the weekend! Woohoo! Gotta love summer : )

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i luuuuuuuurve melting pot!