Thursday, May 30, 2013


We're 3 weeks into parenthood and I am learning new things daily:
*Time is measured elapsed, not time of day (ex: Sadie slept for 60 minutes vs Sadie slept from 2pm to 3pm)
*My list of things to accomplish is narrowed down to keeping baby happy/figuring out how to make baby happy..which leaves me sometimes trying to figure out how I spent the entire day
*Being the mother of a newborn is tiring.  The hours you lose at night are hard to make up during the day.
*Little bitty babies have a lot of things come out of their bodies...I have already been pooed, peed and spit up on many times. (Yes even little girls will pee on you).
*Showers and make up are a privilege...although showers may actually be a necessity (see above observation) you have to find time for them...
*At least one load of laundry is a daily necessity 

All of these things though pale in comparison to the other things that I am learning, I never knew:
*how much you could love something that is so tiny
*how happy it makes you when they want to hold your hand or actually make eye contact with you
*how perfect, beautiful and cute they are..yes, even when they are crying or it is 2 am
*how much team work is essential with your spouse
*how unfathomable motherhood is not matter how many books you read or what you hear in the 9 months leading up to it..the moment you finally meet your little person, your life changes
*how fulfilled your life becomes with this one tiny life

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Chrissy said...

So sweet Sarah Beth! I can't wait.