Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Telling everyone

We found out back in the beginning of September about Baby Sage and almost couldn't believe it!  As in I think I took at least 4 tests before my first doctor's appointment...

After confirming it from our doctor, we finally were able to get excited!  Look at that adorable peanut!
We went to Longview to tell our parents.  Finding the date to go actually proved quite difficult, because both sets of parents had fairly packed fall schedules.  I had taken a monthly planner and filled in important dates so that they wouldn't remember, such as birthdays and major holidays.  I think they thought I was kind of being a smart alec.  The last month I told them to flip to was May so that they would have the date of my grad school graduation (which, yes is in May..the same month that our baby is due...).  I had printed Baby Sage on Baby's due date.  It was fun to watch them get excited.   : )
We waited a little longer and then tried to tell most of our close friends and family either face to face or by phone.
After my 14 week appointment with the doctor, I decided I could go ahead and tell my 2nd graders.  We took all 3 classes outside and played telephone with these sentences.  They got the hang of the game by the first three sentences, so we went ahead and told them the fourth.  I am kicking myself for not having my camera out to video their reactions.  Some of them stared and me and wouldn't pass it on, others passed it on then started yelling "really?!."  Oh, they were so fun!  And then of course being second graders, they ensued with the girls hoping Baby is a girl and the boys hoping Baby is a boy.  : )
I waited until after telling my kiddos to make the official facebook and blog announcement to make sure that I was the one who got to tell.  
What fun news to get to share!

And I'm sure by now you've heard that Kate Middleton is pregnant with the British Royal heir.  Mom and I figured out that she was pregnant with my brother when Diana was pregnant with William and she was pregnant with me when Diana was pregnant with Harry.  And now I am pregnant while Kate is pregnant.  Kind of funny!

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