Friday, December 21, 2012

19 weeks

(Excuse the dark quality of the photo.  The crazy wind storm from Thursday morning left us without power when we were taking the picture.)
How far along:  19 weeks
How big is baby:  Mango
Maternity clothes:  Still the same, although the maternity clothes are becoming far more comfortable than my regular clothes.
Sleep:  Sleeping better now that the school and grad school semesters are over : )
Food cravings:  I'm finally back to wanting to eat greens
Food aversions:  None really.
Symptoms:  Heart burn.  A sore tummy...I swear she is growing by the hour right now and my skin feels like it is already stretching so much. And I know I know I'm only 19 weeks and my belly will get so much bigger : )
 Movement: Yes! Finally! Its just funny little flutters, but I started feeling them last week.  Baby Girl likes it when I am calm and relaxed (or maybe that's just the only time that I feel her)
Gender:  GIRL!
What I’m looking forward to:  Christmas with the family! REST!
What I miss:  Hot baths during cold weather
Best part of the week:  Feeling little girl move and hearing her healthy heartbeat at the OB.

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