Friday, December 7, 2012

17 Weeks

Baby was 17 weeks Thursday.  I realized that the first part of my pregnancy was not documented, so here is a little catch up. 
How far along:  17 weeks
How big is baby:  Onion
Maternity clothes:  wearing some, a lot of my regular clothes still fit.  The pants are a little tougher, but fit with my Belly Band.
Sleep:  Pretty good..this week has been rough though with all of the congestion (oh my!).  If I could breathe, I could sleep better
Food cravings:  nothing particularly, a couple of weeks ago it was mint.  I left the grocery store with mint oreos, mint ice cream and mint gum...super healthy.  I have also eaten school cafeteria food a couple of times because it looked good....I wouldn't have done that at all before.
Food aversions:  None really.
Symptoms:  I never really had morning sickness.  Slight breakfast aversion in the early weeks, but once I figured out what I could eat that was gone.  I guess exhaustion especially until week 10 and then its come back this week with the allergies/cold/whatever this is.  I mean my Christmas decorations are still not up : (  A little heartburn too.  I had to call and ask my mom what the feeling was, I had never had it before.
Movement:  Hopefully Baby is having a party in my tummy, but I'm not exactly sure what the movement will feel like though.
Gender:  I have no idea.  I know the mom is supposed to have some feeling...  Cody is convinced we are having a boy.  We'll see soon!
What I’m looking forward to:  The gender ultrasound! Feeling Baby move.  Some medicine working so I can breathe normally!
What I miss:  Milk and cereal at breakfast (not part of my diabetes meal plan).  That doesn't matter at all though when thinking about having a healthy baby!  I thought I would miss running more often and for longer, but really I've done a good job of listening to my body and only running as much as I can on days that I really feel like my body can handle it.
My students have been really funny this week.  Each day they're telling me my stomach looks bigger.  Man, they're in for a surprise by May if they're really this shocked each morning. : )

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