Friday, August 3, 2012

Trader Joe's

A few weeks ago, Cody and I ventured up to the Woodlands and actually hit up two grocery stores (the other was Hubbell and Hudson).  Love!  One was Trader Joe's.  We have visited Trader Joe's when in other cities, but we finally got one.  The great thing about Trader Joe's is that they have store brands in almost everything, which makes it less expensive.  My favorite buys: inexpensive avocados, crunchy peanut butter and a chocolate caramel bar.  I also love how their foods are named to match the kind of food.  For example, we bought pesto (think Italian), so instead of Trader Joe's, it is Trader Giotto's.  Check it out y'all!

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Mitchell & Chrissy said...

Ah, I love Trader Joe's! We have one across the street from us. Every day they put together meal ideas, let you sample it and then tell you all the ingredients so you can buy them and go home and make it! I can't do regular grocery shopping there but I do go once a week and get some of their unique foods. :)