Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Play time

My sweet little niece had her tonsils and adenoids out last week.  Since her little body is healing, she wasn't able to go to school for a week which allowed some of the family members to visit her and play! I got to stay with her Monday and Tuesday.   I planned out quite a few activities (with Pinterest as my guide). 
The first thing we tried was a twist on a pin that I had seen on Pinterest.  Using a canvas, we wrote out her name in duct tape.  She then painted the canvas with pink and purple paint, sprinkling it with glitter when we had finished with the paint. 
Once the canvas dried, we pulled off the duct tape to show her name in white.
We made a little jewelry
We also did an experiment that I had seen on Pinterest.  We poured a box of baking soda in a aluminum pan.  In four separate bowls, I poured in vinegar and food coloring.  
She put drops of the vinegar in the baking soda and watched the reaction.  This kept us busy for a really long time. : )
I had also found some playdough mats on Pinterest.   I like them because they give specific things for the kids to do.  If I was still in kinder, I would have also made a set for my class.  She liked most of them 
but her favorite was the little girl.  We not only added face, but arms, fingers, etc.  We worked on this for a while. 
We also found a little time to visit the Baylor bears.  Joy was fast asleep in her shaded room.  Lady on the other hand was out for us to see.  
She even swam which was so exciting for EG to see.
We played frisbee for a while on campus too. 
 I always forget how beautiful Baylor's campus is.  We were there just in time as move in and welcome week started today so we avoided the mass of people.
I absolutely love any time that I get to spend with Erin and Alex and am thankful when opportunities arise!  Happy Wednesday y'all!

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