Monday, August 6, 2012

Lost in the Pines

This weekend, we took our annual Brown family vaca.  We have been to Galveston multiple times and Lake Travis, but were looking for a different destination this year.  We found the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort near Bastrop.  This resort was wonderful!  There were constantly activities going on, they had an amazing pool, wonderful rooms and the surroundings were beautiful! They have animals at the resort which my niece and nephew LOVED!  Every time we passed through the lobby, they had to go to look for the huge Newfoundlands.   The food was good too, they had several different restaurants and a little shop that had Starbucks coffee and Blubell ice cream (yum!).  The resort reminded us of a cruise.
On Friday when we got there, we ate a quick dinner at the Firewheel Cafe,
Alex looking adorable in his little hat
which has a buffet and then regular menu items too before going to the pool and floating the lazy river for a while.  Afterwards we headed over to where they were making smores before watching a movie on the lawn.  Cody and I also got to relax by another of the fire pits that night.
On Saturday, we rented bikes (which were free along with most of the other activities) and rode around the resort,
before heading to the pool.  (There is a lazy river, beach, multiple pools, kiddie pools and a splash pad)
playing in the sand with these precious babies
Alex eating a lemon
The guys played golf that afternoon, while the girls swam, biked again, walked by the river, and ate some Bluebell.

That night after eating dinner, we headed back to the lawn for Diary of a Wimpy kid (they let you make smores during the movie and they also have popcorn too).

On Sunday, dad, Brad, Cody and I kayaked down the Colorado River.  It was much calmer than I expected it to be and oh so beautiful.  I didn't bring my camera though thinking it would be rougher, so picture a quiet serene river.  We hit up the pool again that day for a bit before grabbing lunch in Bastrop and heading home.

We had a great weekend getting to spend time with family and finally relax (these weeks sans grad school are an immense blessing)! 

If you visit the Hyatt Lost Pines (which I recommend you do especially if you have kiddos), you might want to know that it does get kind of pricey.  I would recommend that you bring your own breakfast food and snacks.  Figure out what activities you want to do before arriving if they are ones that you need to book to ensure that you get the times that you want.  Make reservations for Stories if you want a fancy dinner before going.  Take advantage of all of the free activities that they offer.  That alone could keep you busy most of the day! 


Sarah & Casey said...

SB - Lost Pines is awesome! That's where the Zooma Half Marathon is held which was my first (and currently only) half. I'm planning to run it next year - you should too! It's very hilly, but a really nice "girls' weekend" atmosphere with wine and massages after the race. Just FYI. :)

The Sages said...

That sounds so fun! I'll have to check it out for this next year!